All the flavor

of Italy

by the union of three flour



Typical organic wholemeal rye Northern Italy



Wheat flour type 2 stone ground grains, derived from ancient Central Apennines wheat.



Organic durum wheat semolina native of Puglia region and sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, red linen seeds.

We knead everything together

and give life to


National flavor

to taste

In addition to the strong taste and particular, Italobread is known for its "naturalness", flour that compose it are all certified organic by regulatory bodies.

Italobread when properly produced manages to keep its freshness even after 24 hours of baking and Beyond, thanks to considerable presence of flour "type 2", stone ground, from ancient grain grown in the region of the Central Apennines.

Excellent whith lunch or dinner, digestible, salted just right to accompany sausages and hams, ideal for "Bruschetta" and "bread with tomatoes"

It's wonderful rediscovering with him the snacks we prepared our Italian Grandparents.....